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EBSD 2010

May 5th & 6th, 2010

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Technical Programme


András Borbély et al.

PDF Combined X-ray rocking curve and EBSD study of plastically deformed copper single crystals
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Nathalie Bozzolo et al.

PDF Stereological analysis of 2D EBSD data to assess the five-parameter grain boundary character distribution
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Cyril Cayron

PDF Crystallographic tools to study phase transformations by EBSD
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Austin Day

PDF Gazing into the Crystal Ball  

David Dingley & Stuart Wright

PDF Automated phase determination through detection of symmetry elements in EBSD patterns.
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Lionel Germain et al.

PDF Calculation of high temperature parent orientation maps application to low carbon steels
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Anne-Laure Helbert et al.

PDF Characterization of strained materials: correlation between EBSD investigations and TEM observations.
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Claire Maurice et al.

PDF Towards high angular resolution EBSD : development of new indexation algorithms  

Wolfgang Pantleon

PDF Resolving the geometrically necessary dislocation content by conventional EBSD
PPT Presentation

Edgar Rauch

PDF Orientation and phase mapping on a Transmission Electron Microscope
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Carol Trager-Cowan et al.

PDF Electron Channelling Contrast Imaging of Defects in Nitride Semiconductor Thin Films
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Patrick Villechaise

PDF Contribution of EBSD measurements and of SEM in situ mechanical testing to the analysis of slip activity in metals  

Angus Wilkinson

PDFCross-correlation-based Analysis of EBSD patterns: Mapping Strains, Curvature and GND Distributions
PPT Presentation

Aimo Winkelmann

PDF The Physics of EBSD
PDF Presentation

Stefan Zaefferer

PDF 3D orientation microscopy based on FIB-EBSD tomography: potentials and limits  
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