3td and 4th of October 2016

Workshop on Practical Hardware Innovations in Security Implementation and Characterization > Call for Talks and Posters

Call for Talks and Posters

With the proliferation of smartphones and promises of an ultra-connected world with over 20 billion devices connected by 2020, the cyberconomy is growing strongly. Thanks to this virtual economy, data exchanging in real time and continuously all around over the word, such as, personnel and professional information, texts, documents and financial transactions, etc, largely exceed transactions in the real economy. With this mind, PHISIC-2016’s program, focus on all security aspects on mobile device and IoT, from the Hardware components (microcontroller, processors, memory…) to the lowest levels system (bootloader, ASM code..). Exchanges between academia and industry on both topics will be promoted during the workshop around demos, panels and lunches.



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