IPSS 2015

Industrial Product-service Systems

PSS, industry transformation for sustainability and business

21 / 22 may 2015

Scope and Topics

Industrial Product Service Systems (PSS) are a new concept offering strong opportunities both for business innovation and sustainability improvement. Coupling or even integrating industrial production and service delivering poses many innovative challenges for the manufacturing industry at the technological, organizational and even human level.  In the recent years, many international projects have contributed to important scientific advances in the field. IPS2 Conference largely contributes to constitute a very active research community, to capitalize and share a huge body of empiric knowledge and to put the basis of theoretical foundations for this multidisciplinary domain.

The scope of the conference addresses the theme Industry transformation for sustainability and business, thus putting the focus on two specific issues:


IPS2 Conference aims at increasing industrial and academic collaborations. The Conference brings together industrial, experts and researchers in this area, to exchanges ideas, innovations and recent progresses in providing concrete solutions to enhance world-class capabilities in enabling industry transformation towards more services. The conference topics include but are not limited to:

  • New business models, innovation and value creation
  • Methodologies for PSS Sustainable Assessment
  • Sustainability of PSS strategies
  • Design tools and methodologies for PSS
  • Servitization of manufacturing industry
  • Economic justification and PSS cost models
  • Organizational transformation for PSS
  • Decision aid methods and tool supporting Servitization
  • PSS strategies
  • Industrial marketing for PSS
  • Networking and business ecosystems
  • PSS design and planning strategies
  • Service-Oriented Supply Chain
  • PSS in the B2B & B2C industries
  • Lifecycle product-service management
  • Uncertainty management in PSS
  • Performance indicators
  • PSS knowledge generation
  • Quality management for PSS
  • Risk management and challenges for PSS
  • Service automation engineering
  • Maintainability and serviceability
  • Maintenance and service through Life cycle
  • PSS education and training
  • Legal consideration in PSS
  • Industrial case studies


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