May 29-31, 2012


Advanced experimental approaches and inverse problems in tissue biomechanics

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Tuesday 29th May, 2012

10.00 am
1.00 pm
Welcome buffet
2.00 pm
Opening speech
  • S. Evans, S. Avril


Chairmen: S. Avril, F. Pierron

2.10 pm
  • K. Miller
    Patient-specifc models of the brain and validation by 3D intra-operative MRI
3.00 pm
  • G. Boyer, J. Molimard, H. Zahouani, M. Pericoi, S. Avril
    Identification of biomechanical properties of human skin combining optical measurements and Finite Element Method Updating
3.20 pm
  • S. Evans
    Quantifying uncertainty in the identification of material properties using indentation tests
3.40 pm
  • G. Sommer, M. Eder, L. Kovacs, C. Müller, P. Regitnig, G. A. Holzapfel
    Multiaxial mechanical properties and constitutive modeling of human adipose tissue
4.00 pm

Coffee break

4.20 pm
  • Y. Tillier, J. Delotte, M. Durand-Reville, L. Thollon, M. Behr
    Immediate post-operative procedure for rheological parameters identification of pelvic tissues
4.40 pm
  • M. Brieu, J.F. Witz, P. Lecomte, C. Rubod, M. Cosson
    Finite element model of the system pelvic kinematically admissible: Topological optimization of the suspension devices
5.00 pm
  • S. Badir, E. Mazza, M. Bajka
    Aspiration experiments for the assessment of cervical softening during pregnancy
5.20 pm
  • A. Franquet, S. Avril, R. Le Riche, P. Badel, F. Schneider, C. Boissier, J.P. Favre
    Original identification method based on image registration and FEA for the in vivo estimation of arteries elastic properties
5.40 pm
  • A. Wittek, K. Karatolios, T. Nwe, P. Bihari, A. Shelke, K. Nelson, T. Schmitz-Rixen, R. Moosdorf, S. Vogt, C. Blase
    In vivo determination of anisotropic elastic properties of the human aorta based on time resolved 3D-displacement field data acquired by 4D-ultrasound
6.00 pm
  • C.-K. Chai, A.C. Akyildiz, L. Speelman, F.J.H. Gijsen, M.R.H.M. van Sambeek, C.W.J. Oomens, F.P.T. Baaijens
    Characterisation of local mechanical properties of atherosclerotic plaque tissue using an indentation test and inverse analysis.
6.20 pm
Free time
7.30 pm
Welcome reception at the town hall


Wednesday 30th May, 2012


Chairmen: G. Sommer, J. Lu

8.30 am
  • J. Fu, M. Haghighi-Abayneh, F. Pierron, P.D. Ruiz
    Assessment of corneal biomechanics using swept source optical coherence - Tomography and digital volume correlation
8.50 am
  • M. Haghighi-Abyaneh, I. Ashcroft, R. Wildman, P. Ruiz
    Characterization of the porcine cornea using the optical coherence tomography method
9.10 am
  • M. Bauer, J. Bullet, L. Gentot, S. Roux
    Mechanical modelling approach to porcine eye cornea
9.30 am
  • A. Benoit, G. Latour, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, J.-M. Allain
    Relation between microstructure organisation and macroscopic mechanical properties in cornea
9.50 am

Coffee break


Chairmen: M. Brieu, C. Simms

10.20 am
  • M. Takaza, C. Simms
    The Impact Response of Passive Skeletal Muscle to Compressive Impact Loading 
10.40 am
  • J.S. Affagard, S.F. Bensamoun, P. Feissel
    Inverse method to identify the muscle mechanical properties
11.00 am
  • R. Kruse, C. Weichert, T. Siebert, M. Böl
    Muscle tissue parameter identication by an inverse finite element method
11.20 am
  • M. Böl, M. Sturmat, C. Weichert, T. Siebert
    Three-dimensional geometrical measurements of skeletal muscles during contraction
11.40 am
  • L. Dubuis, S. Avril, J. Debayle, P. Badel
    Patient-specific numerical model of soft tissues in the compressed leg: application to six subjects.

12.00 am
  • M.D. Farrell, P.E. Riches
    Poisson’s ratio of nucleus pulposus tissue: comparison of experimental results with a biphasic poroviscoelastic finite element model
12.20 pm



Chairmen: P.D. Ruiz, J. Molimard

2.00 pm


  • K. Genovese, A. Lee, Y.U. Lee, J.D. Humphrey
    Multi-view panoramic-dic for full-surface strain measurement in small arteries
2.50 pm
  • Z.Y. Li
    Characterization of arterial mechanical property based on MR imaging
3.10 pm
  • H. Hasegawa, H. Kanai
    Ultrasound elasticity imaging of the arterial wall
3.30 pm
  • N. Durrande, R. Le Riche, S. Avril
    MRI sequence denoising using gaussian processes
4 .00 pm
  • K. Kitamura, Y. Nagai, H. Hasegawa, H. Kanai
    Accurate Ultrasonic Measurement of Luminal Surface Roughness of Carotid Artery Using Arterial Longitudinal Motion
4.20 pm

Coffee break

4.40 pm
  • A. Brunon, M. Coret, K. Bruyère-Garnier
    Identification of hyperelastic law on human liver capsule through inflation tests

5.00 pm
  • L. Ruggiero, H. Sahli, H. Sol, S. Adriaenssens
    Indentation for material characterization of soft biological tissues: a study employing Ogden’s strain energy density function
5.20 pm
  • E. Promayon, V. Luboz, G. Chagnon, T. Alonso, D. Favier, C. Barthod, Y. Payan
    Comparison of lastic (light aspiration device for in vivo soft tissue characterization) with classic tensile tests
5.40 pm
  • A. E. Ehret, A. Bolea Albero, M. Böl
    The challenge of testing and interpreting the mechanical behaviour of microbial biofilms
6.30 pm

Departure for the pilat (coaches)

7.30 pm


8.30 pm

Conference dinner at “la Jasserie”


Thursday 31st May, 2012


Chairmen: K. Genovese, K. Miller

9.00 am


  • J. Lu, X. Zhao
    Point-wise identification of heterogeneous properties in thin-walled tissue structures
9.50 am
  • M. Sanchez, D. Ambard, V. Costalat, S. Mendez, F. Nicoud, F. Jourdan
    An individual risk of rupture of intra cranial cerebral aneurysms based on FSI computations
10.10 am
  • C. Forsell, T.C. Gasser
    A mixed experimental-numerical approach to identify the failure of the Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm wall
10.30 am
Coffee break
11.00 am
  • A. Lemercier, L. Bailly, C. Geindreau, L. Orgéas, V. Deplano
    On the development of new artificial materials mimicking aortic tissue histological and mechanical features
11.20 am
  • C. Blase, D. Kadiev, G. Benderoth, A. Wittek
    A novel experimental setup for multi-axial loading of vascular specimens
11.40 am
  • S. Le Floc’h, G. Cloutier, Y. Saijo, G. Finet, P. Tracqui, R.I. Pettigrew, J. Ohayon
    New selection criteria to extract reliable atherosclerotic plaque modulograms from in vivo coronary ivus strain sequence
12.00 am


Chairmen: D. Mitton, S. Evans

1.30 pm
  • A.A. Zadpoor
    Open inverse and forward problems in theoretical modeling of bone tissue adaptation
1.50 pm
  • J. Frame, M. Wheel, P.E. Riches
    Haversian canal structures can be associated with size effects in cortical bone
2.10 pm
  • L. Imbert, M. Berot, S. Avril, T. Hoc
    Mechanical properties of pathological bones
2.30 pm
  • J. Xavier, J. Morais, B. Diaquino, F. Pereira
    Characterisation of the shear modulus of bovine cortical bone by the arcan test
2.50 pm

Coffee break

3.10 pm
  • P. Clement, S. Meille, J. Chevalier, C. Olagnon
    Mechanical characterization by inverse analysis of instrumented indentation tests: application to a porous ceramic for bone substitution
3.30 pm
  • D. Mitton, C. Delimoge, J.-G. Minonzio, M. Talmant, N. Vilayphiou, P. Laugier, K. Bruyère-Garnier
    Non destructive assessment of rib mechanical properties
3.50 pm
  • R. Billard, F. Toussaint, P. Vacher, E. Vittecoq, L. Devun, C. Bonjour, Y. Arlettaz
    Mechanical characteristics identification of a composite femoral bone using stereo image correlation
4.10 pm
  • P. Feissel, M.-C. Ho Ba Tho, M. Ben Azzouna, P. Villon
    Modified constitutive relation error application to the identification of the elasticity of cortical bones
4.30 pm

Closure of the colloquium

  • S. Avril, S. Evans
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