May 29-31, 2012


Advanced experimental approaches and inverse problems in tissue biomechanics

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Prof. Stéphane Avril, École des Mines, Saint-Étienne, France (

Prof. Sam Evans, School of Engineering, Cardiff University, UK (


The objective of the colloquium is to foster the interaction and networking of those working throughout universities, industries, and government laboratories in the general area of the mechanics as applied to biological tissues, materials and applications, and to provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas in an interdisciplinary forum.

It is well-known nowadays that biological tissues appear to develop, grow, remodel, and adapt so as to maintain particular mechanical metrics (e.g., stress) near target values. To accomplish this, tissues often develop regionally varying stiffness, strength and anisotropy. Important challenges in tissue mechanics are now to develop and implement hybrid experimental - computational method to quantify regional variations in properties in situ, the final purpose being to have better insight in the growth, remodelling and ageing effects in biological tissues.

To this end, it becomes a common practice to combine video based full-field measurements of the displacements experienced by tissue samples in vitro with a custom inverse method to infer, using nonlinear regression, the best-fit material parameters. Similar approaches also exists for characterizing tissues in vivo where advanced medical imaging can provide precise measurements of tissue deformation under different modes of action and inverse methodologies are used to derive material properties from those data.

This colloquium will serve as a forum for an up-to-date account of the recent advances in testing approaches, imaging techniques and inverse problems for applications in tissue mechanics and biomechanics. The colloquium will be the occasion of gathering the main European leading actors involved in developing advanced tools for characterizing the mechanical behaviour of biotissues and in applying these tools to actual clinical situations.

The colloquium is intended to be interdisciplinary and open to authors working in different fields but that may have a common interest in inverse methodologies and optical techniques for biomechanics and tissue engineering. Topics will include:


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