QCAV 2011

June 28-30, 2011


10th International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision

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Important dates

  • January 10, 2011Paper submission deadline
  • February 7, 2011Notification of acceptance
  • February 21, 2011Final manuscript due date
  • April 30, 2011Registration deadline
  • June 28-30, 2011Conference dates


Tuesday, June 28
Wednesday, June 29
Thursday, June 30
Keynote Lecture
Keynote Lecture
Welcome / Opening
Advanced Tools (1)  
Imaging Systems and Sensors (1)
Keynote Lecture
Interferometry (2)
Stereovision (3)
Imaging Systems and Sensors (3)
Size/Shape Measurements (3)
Poster Session
Motion/Registration (3)  
Texture and Surface Inspection (4)
Data Fusion (2)
Free Time
Bus departure
22 Talks
(30mn - questions included)
Museum Guided Tour
QCAV Workshop Commitee Dinner
Gala Dinner
3 Keynote Lectures
(50mn - questions included)
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Tuesday, June 28

09h00-10h00 Registration
10h00-10h30 Welcome / Opening
10h30-11h20 Invited Keynote Lecture
Industrial Applications of Image Processing, Unsolved Problems to Establish Taylor-made Technology
Seiji Hata / Kagawa University (Japan)
11h20-12h20 Lecture Session / Interferometry (I)
Nano-level 3D shape measurement system using color analysis method of RGB interference images
S. Hata, D. Kimura, M. Kaneda, S. Morimoto, H. Kobayashi
Multiwavelength single-shot interferometry without carrier fringe introduction
K. Kitagawa
12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00-15h30 Lecture Session: Size/Shape Measurements (SSM)
Recognizing overlapped particles during a crystallization process from in situ video images for measuring their size distributions
O. Suleiman Ahmad, J. Debayle, N. Gherras, B. Presles, G. Févotte, J.-C. Pinoli
Extracting the ridge set as a graph for quantification of actin filament images obtained by confocal laser scanning microscopy
H. Birkholz
Distance maps and inscribed convex sets for shape classification applied to road signs
F. Robert-Inacio
15h30-16h00 Coffee break
16h00-17h00 Lecture Session: Data Fusion (DF)
Automatic classification of 3D segmented CT data using data fusion and support vector machine
Osman, V. Kaftandjian, U. Hassler
Fusion of geometric and thermographic data for the automatic inspection of forgings and castings
B. Oswald-Tranta, P. O'Leary
19h00-22h00 QCAV Committee Dinner


Wednesday, June 29

09h00-09h50 Invited Keynote Lecture
Non conventional imaging system for 3D inspection of transparent objects
Fabrice Meriaudeau / University of Burgundy (France)
09h50-10h20 Lecture Session / Advanced Tools (AT)
Combining high productivity and high performance in image processing using Single Assignment C
V. Wieser, B. Moser, S. Scholz, S. Herhut, J. Guo
10h20-10h50 Coffee break
10h50-12h20 Lecture Session / Stereovision (S)
Illumination control in view of dynamic (re)planning of 3D reconstruction tasks
A. Belhaoua, S. Kohler, E. Hirsch
Using variable homography to measure emergent fibers on textile fabrics
J. Xu, C. Cudel, S. Kohler, O. Haeberlé, M. Klotz
Defect detection of electronic devices by single stereo vision
A. Kusano, T. Watanabe, T. Funahashi, T. Fujiwara, H. Koshimizu
12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00-14h30 Poster Session
An algorithm for a progressive acquisition image sensor
P. Leni, Y. D. Fougerolle, F. Truchetet
Shape matching by affine movement estimation for 3D reconstruction
M. Saidani, F. Ghorbel
14h30-16h30 Lecture Session: Texture and Surface Inspection (TSI)
A template matching approach based on the discrepancy norm for defect detection on regularly textured surfaces
J. Bouchot, G. Stübl, B. Moser
Unsupervised segmentation based on Von Mises circular distributions for orientation estimation in textured images
J. Da Costa, F. Galland, A. Roueff, C. Germain
Algorithms for microindentation measurement in automated Vickers hardness testing
M. Gadermayr, A. Maier,A. Uhl
Measuring image sharpness for a computer vision-based Vickers hardness measurement system
A. Maier, G. Niederbrucker, A. Uhl
16h30-17h15 Free time
17h15 Bus departure from Espace Fauriel
17h30-19h00 Museum Guided Tour
19h00-22h30 Gala Dinner
22h30 Bus departure from Museum


Thursday, June 30

09h00-09h50 Invited Keynote Lecture
Cellular image analysis of biological samples and quality
Claude Lambert / ENSM-CHU, Saint-Etienne (France)
09h50-10h20 Lecture Session / Imaging Systems and Sensors (ISS)
Creation of an artifact database and experimental measurement of their detectability thresholds in noises of different spectra in the context of quality control of an X-ray imager
J. Vignolle, L. Debize, I. Bensaid, R. Forich, C. Berthaud, C. Marmajou, B. Candiard
10h20-10h50 Coffee Break
10h50-12h20 Lecture Session / Imaging Systems and Sensors (ISS)
Evaluation of the reasons why freshly appearing citrus peel fluorescence during automatic inspection by fluorescent imaging technique
M. A. Momin, N. Kondo, M. Kuramoto, Y. Ogawa, K. Yamamoto, T. Shiigi
Secondary radiations in CBCT: a simulation study
P. Wils, J. M. Létang, J. Bruandet
A proposal of virtual lens model by using multi-camera array
K. Takahashi, K. Kato, K. Yamamoto
12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00-15h30 Lecture Session: Motion/Registration (MR)
Automatic quantitative evaluation of image registration techniques on retinal images with the epsilon dissimilarity criterion in the case of retinal images
Y. Gavet, M. Fernandes, J.-C. Pinoli
Mobile robot control using 3D hand pose estimation
K. Hoshino, T. Kasahara, N. Igo, M. Tomida, T. Tanimoto, T. Mukai, G. Brossard, H. Kotani
Non-rigid registration for qualitiy control of printed materials
A. Badshah, P. O'Leary, M. Harker, C. Sallinger
15h30-16h00 Closing


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